You’re The Love

Your life is unfolding in precise alignment with your Soul’s Highest Good now, even though it may not appear that way. You have the intelligence of the Universe supporting you now and in every single moment that you’re alive.

It’s only your mind that says things are not how you believe they should be at this moment. By going deep into your radiant heart and feeling the core truth of your being, you’ll see that the Universe has been, is now, and will always continue working through you to bring more Love and Light into this world.

The impact you’re already making on this world simply by you being here and alive is infinitely more powerful and positive than your mind believes at this moment. You are the Angel sent here on earth to bring Love and Light to all of those who need it now. You are the most loving person you have ever met, and this love is always radiating from your heart regardless of what actions you take, what reactions you receive from others, and what your mind tells you.

Nothing that you do will ever compare in beauty to the magnificence of the energy you exist as on the level of being.

You simply existing here on earth in this precise moment of time is the medicine the world needs most now. You are the Light you’ve been seeking, and I want you to see for yourself how truly loving you are and have always been. Go past your thoughts and place your hand on your heart until you can feel directly how wonderful your energy is.

When you have the direct experience of coming into contact with the energy of love that you always exist as, you’ll feel confident in sharing the fullness of your Light with the world. Your mind is the only force that’s stopping you from sharing the fullness of your love with the world. When you see how much of the Universe’s Infinite Love wants to flow through you, you’ll stop hiding the gift that you are from the world.

You’re an Angel for this world, but you must see this for yourself before you will give yourself permission to share your energy, in its highest expression, with the world.

Eric John Campbell
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