You Are Free

It is scary to live life feeling like a victim. It’s terrifying to believe that you aren’t in control of your life, and the forces out of your control want to hurt you, or at the very least may accidentally hurt you out of chance.

There is a better way to go through life where you see yourself as the Creator that you are. Everything you experience in your life is happening for your Soul’s Highest Good. Even when your mind is terrified and immediately going to worst case scenarios, know that the Universe is holding, nurturing, and supporting you. It’s safe to let go now Dear One. The forces that are running your life are purely loving and benevolent, but in order for them to work their magic you must surrender the illusion of control.

Immediately after surrendering this illusion, you’ll discover that everything in your life falls into place. When you strive towards creating the life you think you want, life immediately becomes unsatisfactory in the present moment. The moment you require things to be a certain way is the moment you reject how things are already.

The way through your dissatisfaction and apathy towards life is to surrender the illusion of control. Immediately after surrendering this illusion, everything will fall into place.

There is a time for striving and discipline but it must come from a place of desiring union with the greater flow of life rather than trying to assert your will over the will of the Universe. Life is always flowing along precious, invisible currents that are waiting for you to flow along with.

The way to an easy, pleasant, and harmonious life is to surrender and align yourself with how the Universe’s energy naturally wants to flow through you.

Eric John Campbell
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